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Welcome to Ozi Ozaa's Drum Store.

We believe that both beginners and experienced musicians deserve quality hand-crafted instruments. We feel that it is important to be able to hear this quality without having to beat a drum excessively and we pride ourselves on the effortless tones and bass resonance of our instruments.

The Ozi Ozaa range of drums are specifically designed for a European climate, where cooler and damper weather conditions require thicker ropes to maintain tension on the drum head.

They are carved from a single piece of Tswiniboa “The Drum Tree”. This is a slow-growing tree which is strong and dense producing a superior shell resonance and depth of sound.

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Please note - All drums are stored 'untuned' in our warehouse to relieve any undue stress on the head. They are individually prepared to order. Yaw will personally prepare the ropes and tune the drum before shipping. If you have any special requirements please do let us know before purchasing and we can suggest a setup that best suits you.

If you wish to collect your drum(s) in person, select collection in the shipping option

If you have any questions about your purchase or drum care in general

we'd be more than happy to help .

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