Ozi Ozaa

Work and Happiness

Awaken the Spirit with leading

performers and educators of traditional and contemporary African music.

"A joyful and jaw dropping fusion of Afro-grooves and Jazz that hits you like a burst of sonic sunshine" . -  Phil Jackson, BBC


Ozi Ozaa has reformed in New Zealand!

Yaw Asumadu (Captain) has migrated to New Zealand and

collaborated with leading musicians to form Ozi Ozaa down-under.

Rehearsals are underway at Mt. Maunganui for upcoming N.Z. events.  

Album recording and educational opportunities are active.


In 2008 Ghanaian Yaw Asumadu and Brit Rob Navratil formed Ozi Ozaa. A groundbreaking fusion band packed full of funk & jazz with sweet Highlife and traditional African rhythms. London and the U.K, festivals, stages and classrooms were set alive.

In 2018 composer, educator and performer Yaw Asumadu migrated to New Zealand and collaborated with 8 musical maestros Tristan Hancock, John Ellis, Tim Gillon, James Hughes, Finn Hughes, Paul Hoskin, Hiro Kobayashi, and Hayden Baird to bring Ozi Ozaa down-under. Expect full funk/jazz with a distinct African twist.

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